WOW! What a Great Business Card.

by Michael Losier

 For many, personal networking is one of the best resources to increase your business. An effective and compelling business card can be your silent voice once you have left the networking meeting. You know that your business card is working for you when you receive calls and the caller says "I am looking at your business card and am very interested in what you do?" How many of us can say that we get this kind of response? Your business card is more than a piece of paper with your company name and number on it. Business cards can act as a mini-brochure and a summary of what your product or service offers. Here are my Top 5 tips to an effective, compelling business card:

1. Photo. Oh yes, what a great deal of difference your photo will make building rapport with the reader.

2. Use both sides of your business card. What can you put on the back of your card? Perhaps a map to your business, a calendar, a quote or a testimonial.

3. List the benefits your product or service will have for the CUSTOMER. What's in it for them?

4. Quality of paper.
One of the observations that I have made when watching people select cards they like best is the way they would feel it between their fingers. Good quality paper will suggest your good quality product/service.
5. Call for Action. What do you want the reader to do call, e-mail give the customer as many options to get a hold of you as possible, fax, e-mail, telephone, 1-800 numbers.

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